Compressport Calf R2 V2 Red


Compressport Calf R2 V2 White – The new compression R2V2 sleeve: always performs as well as the R2, with the added K-PROTECT protection – up to 8% of vibrations absorbed.

– The K-PROTECT is an ergonomic tab that supports the patellar tendon, reducing up  to 8% of vibrations.

– The K-PROTECT does not interfere with movements and it suppresses feelings of discomfort.

– It is ideal for people with recognized knee weakness, but also for those suffering from over-fatigue after 100 kilometers.

The K-protect, your best ally to push your limits on steep descents and technical trails at intense speeds.

The R2V2: scientifically validated unmatched performance!

– Pre-exercise: calves are gresh and rested.

– During the effort: delayed muscle fatigue and reduced pain; less aches for an enhanced performance.

– After the effort: lighter legs, less DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).


  • 50% polyamide
  • 24% elasthanne
  • 26% polyester



Pronation Control:

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