Maria Petkova

Hurdles Runner

Maria is a fan of running who runs more errands than kilometers, though. She is the major driving strength behind Running Zone and the brand’s philosophy to offer everything needed for running from the best products and innovations available to tailor-made assistance and advice. Maria sets the standard at Running Zone and no hurdle can ever stop her. She co-founded Running Zone.


Ivaylo Petkov

Expert Runner

Ivaylo is the passionate runner in the Running Zone team who runs in accordance with the latest trends in the field. Having run over 1600km just in 2016, Ivaylo can answer even the most complicated inquiry on running equipment, shoes and accessories, and the enthusiasm which he will do it with, will make you put the sneakers on straight away. Together with Maria, Ivaylo co-founded Running Zone in April 2014.


Andrey Gridin

Champion Runner

Andrey is a ski runner, double bronze medalist from a Junior World Ski Championship, Balkan champion and member of the Bulgarian Olympic Team for the 2014 Sochi Games. Andrey is the champion runner in the Running Zone Team. He has won 36 first places and broke the world record in the 2015 Vitosha Mountain 100km Trial. In 2015, Andrey won four additional Bulgarian ultra-marathons: Vitosha 100 (100km), Trayvna Ultra (65km), Chepelarski Tarkala (80km) and Persenk Ultra (136km). In 2016, he won the gold in the Olympus Mythical Trail (99km) by breaking the world record as well as the Marathon Trail Lago di Como Trail (100km) in Italy and finished third in the Salomon Cappadocia Ultra Trail (114km) in Turkey. Andrey has been running errands in Running Zone since February 2016.


Nikola Nikolov

Mountain-trotter Runner

Nikola has been an active runner since 2013, as his particular interest lies in ultra-mountain trails. He has taken part in more than 20 ultra-marathons, some of which included: Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc/UTMB (170km), Iznik Ultra (134km), Lavaredo Ultra Trail (120km), Salomon Cappadocia Ultra Trail (114km), Corfu Ultra Trail (80km), Istria Ultra (171km), Persenk Ultra (160km) and Paranesti Ultra (162km). Nikola’s education in Geography predetermines his curiosity and makes him into a globe-trotter who sees running as an opportunity. He has been running errands in Running Zone since September 2014.