Orders made from the Running Zone online shop are delivered by the Econt Express Courier within 24 hours after Running Zone confirms the order, except from orders made on Saturday and Sunday, and during holidays. Orders are confirmed by phone before being shipped.

Delivery is free of charge for orders over 150 leva and for payments made by card and bank transfer, and through cash on delivery service.

For orders under 150 leva, the delivery cost is 5.50 leva for a door to door service and 3.50 leva for a pick-up service from an Econt Express Courier office.


For customer convenience, the online shop offers the following payment options:

Cash on delivery ((payment to a delivery courier))

A customer pays to a courier upon delivery of an ordered product. A customer does not pay any additional costs; all expenses are included in the total cost of the order.

Bank account

By choosing this option, the customer has to make a bank transfer to the Running Zone Ltd. bank account. After making an order, the customer will receive the Running Zone Ltd. bank account details. The order will be shipped once the required amount of money is transferred. The customer is not due to any additional costs upon delivery of the order.

Credit and debit cards

Running Zone accepts international and local VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro credit cards by using a direct connection with Borika cash points.

TBI Bank for orders over 150 leva

TBI Bank Ltd. grants target funds for purchase of consumer goods. Funds for consumer goods of approved candidates are directly paid to the Running Zone Ltd. bank account. The customer receives the goods immediately. Payment back is done by instalments to TBI Bank Ltd. Bulgarian citizens over 18-year old and foreigners, permanently residing in the country, who have regular incomes, and legal entities are eligible for applying for funding from TBI Bank.

If expressing interest for purchasing products by taking a TBI credit, a Running Zone representative will contact you to confirm the operation.

PPROVAL from 15 mins by the end of the workday
PERIOD from 3 months up to 36 months
AMMOUNT from 3 months up to 7 500 leva

Procedure – Online application

Main steps in the process of the online crediting:

1. Choose the product/s you would like to buy and add it/ them to Cart. Please choose the Payment by Credit Option.

You can only apply for a TBI credit for purchases over 150 leva.

2. With the help of an especially developed TBI Bank Ltd. Calculator, you can easily get familiar with the different options of deadlines and interest rates for deferred payment and choose the best option for yourself. Once you select the time-frame, you would like to take the credit for, the system will automatically calculate the amount of deferred payment.

Once you choose the credit plan, you will need to give permission for your personal data to be processed. Please make sure that you are familiar with the following document “Application for a Consumer Credit” and tick the box: “Agree for personal data processing”.

3. Fill in the form with the following data – name, personal identification number, email, address.

4. Before making an order online you must be familiar with and accept the General Terms.

5. After confirming the information regarding the order, Running Zone Ltd. will send all data to TBI Bank Ltd.

6. You will be informed (through the website) that within an hour (in the TBI Bank Ltd. business hours 9am-7pm), your request will be examined and Running Zone Ltd. will inform you about the decision.

7. A TBI Bank Ltd. employee will contact you and fill in the needed information about the Credit Application.

8. Instructions – signing and returning the TBI Bank Ltd. documents from the Client to the Seller

a) The customer identifies himself with an ID, as this must be the person taking the credit.

b) The customer provides a copy of their ID to the courier, writes down “Correct with the original”, the date, and signs..

c) The courier hands over the following forms to the customer to sign: Customer Credit Application (two copies), Consumer Credit Contract (two copies), Insurance Certificate, General Terms for the Insurance Cover, and an invoice.

  • Consumer Credit Application – the costumer writes down their full names, personal identification number, place of residence, date and signs it as CANDIDATE.
  • Consumer Credit Contract: pages 1 to 7 – the costumer signs in the above right corner in the CLIENT box. Page 7 – enter the full name and sign in the CLIENT box. Sign the Application in the bottom right corner and write down place, date, and sign under CLIENT. THE DECLARATION IS SIGNED ONLY IN THE CASES WHEN THE ITEM/S ARE HANDED WHEN SIGNING THE CONTRACT!
  • Insurance Certificate and General Terms of the insured cover
    Contracting authority – a client’s signature
    Insured credit holder – on one or two place depending on the type of security – a client’s signature